A Computational Environment for Radiological Research Features

User-friendly access to RT and Radiology meta-data

CERR provides an extensible data structure for radiotherapy and radiology objects. This makes it convenient to extract and transform the underlying data for prototyping algorithms.

Outcomes Modeling

CERR provides utility functions to batch extract dose volume histogram (DVH) based features. These features can be used for modeling toxicity and tumor control.


CERR's Radiomics capabilities are built keeping in mind Speed, Quality Assurance and Interfacing with Clinical Software.


CERR provides access to the underlying RTPLAN meta-data. The dose calculation options are QIB and Monte Carlo algorithms. The influence matrix and the beamlets are accessible for IMRTP research.

Data Import

CERR can import data from a wide variety of formats such as RTOG, DICOM, MHA, NRRD. Various DICOM modalities like CT, PET, MR, US, MG, RTSTRUCT, PR, RTDOSE, RTPLAN are supported.


CERR provides Pencil, Brush and Active-contour based thresholding tools for manual segmentations.